Hey, I'm Girraj. 👋

Freelance SEO Consultant

Girraj Sharma is an extremely skilled and dedicated SEO Specialist with a strong technical background who is passionate about achieving exceptional SEO results for clients.

Utilizing my comprehensive knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and techniques, I've delivered exceptional results to clients.

My experience includes keyword research, optimizing on-page elements, and creating content that can drive long-term organic traffic to a site.


Services and Consulting

SEO Services

Perfect for large companies looking to make SEO work in their favor as a growth channel.

Digital Marketing

Perfect for large companies looking to make SEO work in their favor as a growth channel.

Web Design & Development

Increase your agency's revenue by learning how to service your clients more effectively and scale your offering.

SEO for enterprise businesses

Any industry can benefit from highly strategic and effective SEO strategies.


Exploring scaled SEO opportunities for enterprise growth

It can be challenging to manage a site with thousands (or even millions) of pages. In my work, I help large enterprises with even bigger ambitions find the areas of SEO growth that can make the difference between them and their competition.


A monthly SEO strategy session and consultancy

Inform the wider business about the company's SEO goals and ambitions.

Every month, you'll receive a custom report that can be shared with key SEO stakeholders.

Meetings with me every week to discuss opportunities and challenges.

Ensure scalability of a project with strategy management and comprehensive briefs.

Enterprise SEO consultancy designed for enterprises

As a result of SEO and an in-depth understanding of your industry, I'm able to help drive targeted traffic to key areas of your website to help you double your revenue in 12 months.


Scalable content strategies


Global success in the toughest niches


Recommendations that are actionable and scalable


SEO knowledge and experience

Over 10 years experience in digital marketing spanning across multiple-industries.

Technical SEO

Site Migrations

Javascript SEO

Index & Crawl Management

World-famous Site Audits

Site Architecture

Redirect Mapping

On-page SEO

Content Audits

Content Briefing

Schema Markup

Entity Optimisation

Content Structure & Silos

Internal Linking Audits

SEO Tools

Screaming Frog






SEO Consultant :


I am Girraj Sharma, your dedicated SEO Consultant and Technical SEO Specialist. With a passion for creating innovative brand marketing strategies, I specialize in increasing search engine rankings. My expertise lies in optimizing websites, driving organic traffic, and delivering exceptional results. I am committed to enhancing your online presence and guiding you through the complexities of the digital landscape. Let's work together to transform your brand and achieve outstanding success.